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.: 26/11/2010, 20.000.000 Arrived fine. .. and constantly rising.

.: 11/06/2010,
Unbelievable yet true! Excerpt from the television station ALPHA

.: 29/01/2010,
fine .. and constantly rising. Currently are: 10.456.199,76 €

.: 9/11/2009,
Document of Greek Police click here

.: 1/7/2009, Compurgation by the Council of Territory, her Base number of 2144/2009 of decision of [D]΄ of Department of Council of Territory are cancelled the following articles of following common Ministerial Decision. click here

.: 26/10/2006 Judged condemnatory decision without fine, Afterwards current (26-10-2006) decision should the Greek government arrange itself in legitimate time interval (2-4 months). If does not act nothing it comes commission again (proportionally and with our own pressures from here) who it watches the development of decision and starts the 2nd process. It resorts again therefore in the European court because her adverse party (Greece) was not arranged with the decision and then it asks imposition of daily pecuniary fine which it proposes in the CJEC and is become afterwards acceptable by this. The time that can a member state exhaust is from 4 until 18 months the superior, thing that has not reached never so much up to now click here


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